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How big is this shirt I'm ordering?
You can find out on our new size chart! Please be aware that all measurements are approximate and that shirts may shrink a tiny bit when washed. [top]

I saw an item here a last week/month/year and now it's gone. What happened?
Chances are we're out of it. The website stays pretty well updated with everything we do and don't have in. [top]

Will you ever get [random item] in again?
If it sells well and we're able to get more, probably. But because of the hard-to-find quality of many of the items we carry, the unpredictability of some of our distributors, and our finite storage space, it can be hard to say exactly when we'll restock any items. [top]

Can you email/call me when you get more [random item] in?
If you beg and plead and it's really, really important to you - maybe. This kind of relates to the last question. Since getting items back in stock can be so unpredictable, to keep track of a master list of everyone who wanted to be notified when a certain item came back in could get pretty crazy. Your best bet is to just keep an eye on the website, maybe give us a call every now and then. But again, if it's something that means a lot to you and you just couldn't bear to miss out on it, email us. If it's an item we think will return in a reasonable amount of time, we should be able to let you know. [top]

Can I preorder something?
Sorry, no. We're not really set up to handle preorders. And again, since our receipt of items can be so unpredictable, we don't want to leave people hanging if something takes a long time to arrive. Your best bet for the big ticket items is to get on our email list, and keep an eye on the website.[top]

Are you using a Mac? If so, are you using the Safari browser? If so, that's probably what's causing the problem. We're working on resolving this issue, but in the meantime may we suggest Camino? Or even Internet Explorer?[top]

I've tried to order several times, but keep getting an "AVS Mismatch" error. Now it says I'm committing credit card fraud! Why is this happening to me?
You're trying to order from overseas, right? Occasionally our credit card processing service has trouble verifying international addresses, hence the error. Don't leave any field blank! For the county/state area type in your city name again. If that doesn't work, type in your country name. If that doesn't solve thr problem and you're still interested in ordering, please go through our site and put the items you want in your shopping cart and then check out so that you can see the final total including shipping costs and email that to us at webstore@giantrobot.com. We will get back to you with further instructions. [top]

Why isn't my country listed as an option in your ordering menu?
Due to problems with address verification systems and overseas addresses, our system is not currently configured to accept all addresses. For this reason only certain countries appear in our ordering menu.

If you are trying to order from a country not listed on our menu, and would be willing to conduct an order via email, you can make a list of items that you'd like, and email them to us for ordering details. We will give you a total for the order including shipping, and if you approve, you can send us your credit card info, and we will put the charge through manually. Email for details.

At this time we can only accept international credit card payments from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Outside of those areas we can only accept payment in the form of an International Money Order. email us for details. [top]

Can I place an order another way?

In addition to online orders, you may place an order via e-mail or phone. That way you may purchase your items with a check, money order or credit card once you have received a total from us. You may send us your e-mail orders at webstore@giantrobot.com or you may call us at 310-478-1819 between 11:30AM-8:00PM PST Mondays - Fridays. For more information about paying with a check or money order, please refer to that section of this FAQ. [top]

Can I pay with check or money order?
Absolutely. Here's what you do:

After adding all of your items to your cart, go through the entire ordering process online. You will need to be logged-in in order to make your purchase. Step 1 will require you to confirm your shipping address and your preferred shipping method. Step 2 will request your payment information. For the purposes of paying by check or money order, please select "Check/Money Order" in the Payment Method section. You will be transferred to Step 3, the Order Confirmation page, which shows you the total of your order including tax and shipping. This is the total you should make your check out for. Print out a couple copies of this as your receipt. Send one of the copies to us at:

Giant Robot Webstore
Attention: Mail Order
2015 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Please make payment to "Giant Robot." Orders received via check or money order are usually processed within 1-2 business days of their receipt. Note: If your computer is not working or you don't have a printer, then you can just write your order on a piece of paper and send it in. [top]

When will I get my stuff?
If all your items are in stock, it should be shipped within the next three business days. If, however, we run out of stock on one or more of your items, we will try to contact you within 2 business days and let you decide what you'd like to do. It is therefore very important that you provide us with valid contact information (particularly email address!) so that we can notify you as quickly as possible. If you give us an email address that you don't normally check, the ordering process can be slowed significantly. [top]

How will my order be shipped?

For orders within the United States, most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which takes about 3-5 business days. Magazine and zine orders usually go out via USPS First Class, which usually takes about a week. Orders of great weight or over $60 in value will be sent via UPS Ground. Only UPS and USPS Priority Mail orders receive tracking numbers; however, regardless of how your order is sent out, you will receive an email notification once your order is shipped. If your order has not arrived and we have not contacted you about your order status, or if you would like to discuss shipping upgrades, please feel free to email us at webstore@giantrobot.com

If you have not received your order but according to USPS or UPS the package was delivered, then this would suggest that someone in your building has taken it. Ask around to see if anyone is holding it for you or check with your mail carrier to find out if they place large boxes in an unobvious spot. When we send out a package and it is successfully delivered to the correct address, our responsibility ends at that point. If you do not have a safe area for mail, we suggest that you use your work address for deliveries or the address of a trusted friend or neighbor who is home during the day.

Orders from outside the US are usually sent out via USPS Global Priority Mail, which does not come with a tracking number. Orders of great weight or value will be sent via USPS Global Express Mail, which is trackable.

I live in Europe/Asia/Australia and I want to ship to an address other than the one I use for billing. Is this possible?
Sorry but we no longer ship to a different address from the one used for billing. We will contact you if you try and give you the option of accepting the order at your billing address or simply canceling your order. [top]
How do I return or exchange an item?
Giant Robot does NOT accept returns except for the following situations:
1.) The clothing ordered does not fit as expected.
Any clothing items being returned must be unworn and unwashed in order for us to accept them. You have the option of getting the same item in a different size or if that is not possible then you may choose to exchange for a different item. You'll also need to enclose $4.80 for return shipping costs (a check or money order made out to Giant Robot is fine.) If you decide to make an exchange for something of lesser value, we will credit the difference to your credit card immediately. If the exchange item is of greater value, we will need your credit card information in order to charge the additional amount. Please call us - (888) I SHOP GR - or fax us (310) 478-2103 - or email us - webstore@giantrobot.com - with your card information.

2.) There has been an error in processing your order; or,

3.) Damage occurred during shipping.
In these two cases, you will need to send the damaged items back to us but Giant Robot will cover the shipping costs. In order for us to send a pre-paid shipping label to you, please call us - (888) I SHOP GR - or fax us (310)478-2103 - or email us - webstore@giantrobot.com and include the following information:
Your name
Order Number
What occurred with your order
Your mailing address

When sending items back to us, please include a note with the following information:
Your name
Order Number
List of items you are returning
Mailing Address
Information on item you would like in exchange

Please use the following address:
Giant Robot Webstore
Attention: Returns/Exchanges
2015 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

It's best to contact us regarding your situation as soon as possible so that we can set aside any items you would like in exchange, because there is a possibility that we will be sold out by the time your return gets to us.
Please allow a minimum of 14 days for us to receive and process your return or exchange.
All returns/exchanges must be resolved within 1 month of your order.
Please direct any questions to webstore@giantrobot.com [top]
Yes. Yes we can. So don't do it. [top]